Alicia Izzo

Behind the brand

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you - I’m Alicia

Several years ago, I found myself living how society told me to live.  I felt so confused, unhappy, and unfulfilled. I knew there had to be more to life. I knew I was made for more.

I began undoing everything that chained me to that image and breaking free and breaking through into who I was meant to be. I now live a very different, happy, and fulfilled life serving my purpose in helping others like you live your purpose.

If you’re stuck in the workplace, in life, or at home, you’re not alone. I’m here to help you. Everybody needs somebody. At the core of my heart, my mission is to come alongside you to help you break the cycle of being stuck and unleash the courage to get you where you want to be, living fully and freely out of who you were made to be.


Thoughtfully crafting brands with strategy, purpose, and design since 2015

A note About Branding

the mission statement for every client brand

I believe you were put on this earth to live your purpose and together we can make your brand’s purpose thrive. It’s my mission to come alongside you with intentional branding and web design. When we’re done, you’ll have all the unique elements that shape a brand identity that converts leads into customers with lasting relationships.

Alicia Izzo

A Few Biz Facts


Helped 392 local and global businesses

Over a 98% customer satisfaction rate

about Alicia Izzo


Things I love the Most

Family, dance parties, fashion, & digital media.


Favorite Food

Chocolate chip cookies.


My Guilty Pleasure

All the sweets.


what I do for fun

Hang with my family, craft, build all the digital things.


Intentional Design

Modern Touches

Targeted Audience


Strategic Moves

with intention

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