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embrace closing chapters in your life Alicia Izzo

Embrace Closing Chapters in Your Life

They say the past is the past, right? Why is it so often we get caught up living in our past life? Why can’t we break patterns of the things that no longer serve us? Maybe if we embrace closing chapters in our lives we’ll see a whole new world that was truly meant for us.

embrace closing chapters in your life

A story of fate

I’ll admit, when I was younger, I believed in the American dream. I believed in the societal norms that so many of us get caught up in while growing up. I believed in what I now call the “scripted life.”

The scripted life tells us exactly how, where, when, and why we should be living life the way we do. It has predetermined fates for us. It shows up in so many predictable ways while somehow wildly revealing unpredictable moments, weeks, months, and more. It’s all wrapped up in this weird ball of shoulds and what if’s.

Twisted fate

In my late 20’s to early 30’s I learned that the view that little girl inside of me had was not the fate I thought I was so destined for. I learned life didn’t have to be full of shoulds or what if’s. I learned there was freedom in some ways of escaping the script.

The realization was both painful and relieving. It was probably more confusing than anything. When you grow up believing you’re destined to follow the script but then the world has a way of showing you its true colors, it’s like you’re starting all over again.

But what comes next?

As with anything else, starting over involves closing doors. Moving on from familiar ways and embracing closing old chapters. As Don Draper from Mad Men said, “my life only moves in one direction – forward.” We use that line a lot in our house.

When we embrace closing old chapters, we create breathing room for new life. We create space for the moments made for us. And we create a resting place for the moments that no longer serve us.

I do want to call out here, it’s important to process those old chapters. If we don’t take the time to process and understand them, they will live deep inside of us and not create space for healing and providing a proper send-off.

embrace closing chapters in your life

Embrace closing chapters in your life

Chapters are just that – pages in the story of your life that were meant to be read and moved on from.

Today, I was in a coaching session with one of my clients. Together, we discussed how the good and bad things they experienced growing up created the bright future they have now. They described a turning point in their life when they purposefully decided to close old chapters and begin the process of moving forward. While it was hard, they knew it needed to happen for their own healing and growth.

When we take the time to embrace closing old chapters, beautiful things start to happen. Healing occurs, growth occurs, and endless possibilities reveal themselves. A world of new experiences awaits.

My dad always used to say “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Today, this statement makes more sense to me than ever before. If we don’t shift our behaviors and patterns, we can’t expect to have breakthroughs or get to the next level in life.

Acceptance is key

Accepting that there is new life for you is the first step in embracing closing old chapters in your life. If you can accept that you were made for more, your new life has already started beginning. My whole mission at my other blog, Whispering in Wonderland, has always been to show others they were made for more. Today, I bring that message to you.

It’s ok to close old chapters, it’s even better to embrace closing them. If you’ve accepted that new life and possibility aren’t out there for you, that’s exactly where you’ll stay.


It’s time for you to make a choice. Are you going to choose to accept living in the past? Or, are you going to choose to embrace closing old chapters in life and move forward?

I’m sending all the love, healing, and inspiration your way.

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