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Introducing Business and Pleasure with Alicia Izzo

Hello, my lovely readers. I so appreciate every single one of you. While it’s certainly been a crazy period of life, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect lately because of it. If you’re like me, or any other human out there, you may find yourself wondering how you fit all the pieces of life together, instead of managing them all separately. For me, this has been a big topic lately. Keep reading to learn more…

Reflection and pondering

Lately, while juggling all of life’s demands, I’ve often wondered how to piece them all together. An outlet, so to speak, to express the things I’m working on but also the things I enjoy. While I’m a firm believer in not using the word “should” whenever possible, I’m going to use it now. I believe these things can and should co-exist.

I believe we live in a world where more entrepreneurs and businesses, in general, are starting to see the connection between life, work, and play – and everything in between. Yes, I agree, there is still a long way to go here but almost eight years ago when I started blogging at Whispering in Wonderland, it was standard practice to hide any personal side from your job. Today, I feel we can speak about these things more openly. I believe there is a deeper interest in life that meets work than ever before.

business meets pleasure

Juggling all the social media accounts

So, this work meets life connection is what I’ve been reflecting on and challenging myself on. Over the years, as a natural-born lover of writing, I’ve found myself struggling to stick to one topic on one blog, or one social media account. We’re constantly told to “niche down” or it will confuse and deter our audience. But have we stopped to challenge the notion of niching down so much so that we are potentially being forced to niche down our human potential?

Hang with me here. This is where the topic comes in. My site is my name, yet it’s my business and the services I offer. What about the human side? Isn’t that what customers want to connect with these days? As a marketing expert and someone that lives in the field daily, trust me, I get the need to share your key messaging about your products with your targeted audience.

But then there are businesses like mine, which are a one-woman show. I wear that proudly but every stinking time I throw up a poll on social media and ask what my 7k followers on Instagram want to see more of they ALWAYS say they want more about me and my life. Coming from a 35-year-old who feels awkward making reels, it’s always flattering but also reassuring that people want to see the REAL stuff behind the business.

So, here I am – business and pleasure

While I still greatly love my original blog baby, Whispering in Wonderland, and will continue to operate that site, I’m here to give you more of my life and the things I’m into. Because after all, this IS, ya know? I’m going to share business tips as I always have, thoughts and ponderings like this one, and life stuff that doesn’t involve my business – or does it? See what I did there?

We’re all humans and we’re all in this life together. I don’t know where you spend the majority of your time but you always have a space to come to here. You’re always welcome in my virtual corner of the world.

business meets pleasure


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, I hope to see you around here on a regular basis. Heck, I’d even love it if you subscribed! You may see occasional business updates here and there in emails but I promise I’m not forcing branding and copywriting services on you!

You’re a gem, thanks for being exactly who you are.